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Glad Zipper Sandwich Bags 50CT product image

Glad Zipper Sandwich Bags 50CT

  • ($0.12 each)

6-5/8 x 5-7/8 inch. 20% Thicker. Glad Sandwich Bags seal tight to help keep food fresh! Yellow and Blue make Green Seal: So you know when the bag is closed. Easy to Close: Wide seal is easy to open and close. So Many Uses: Food on the Go: Work, school lunches, picnics. Organize Household Items: Bathroom, bedroom, office, garage. Protect Important Items: Recipes, souvenirs, negatives, stamps. Travel: Jewelry, medications, toiletries, documents, money. Made in Thailand.

Item #: 10308
Brand: Glad

Usage Tips: Before sealing, squeeze air out of bag to preserve freshness.


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