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Wed Mar 25, 2020

Ordered for the first time this March for a stay in Disney World, and it was great. Everything I ordered was delivered and the fruit was fresh, not a single bruise or bad spot on the apples, bananas or oranges. The order showed up in the delivery window and was stored at bell services waiting for me to pick it up. It was a great way to save money on snacks and breakfast items when staying on Disney property. Would use Garden Grocer again without hesitation.


Tue Mar 24, 2020

This was our first time ordering and it was great! When we arrived at the resort our order was waiting for us and we were able to take it directly to our room. Tho our trip was cut short we will definitely order again when we reschedule our trip. Thanks!!


Sun Mar 22, 2020

I used Garden Grocer several years back, once when we were staying off Disney property and 2 years later when we were staying on Disney property. Recently was my 3rd time using Garden Grocer. It’s easy to use. Whether you rent a car or not, it’s great to have the items you or your family count on having, delivered to your room or condo without even thinking about it ! It is great !


Sat Mar 21, 2020

Was so nice to be able to order our food before leaving for vacation and have it delivered to our resort when we arrived. Super easy and convenient!


Mon Mar 16, 2020

Good variety of products needed for our Disney vacation. Fair price for needed items. Excellent service. Produce was perfect.


Mon Mar 16, 2020

It was the easiest grocery store to navigate. Or order was correct and delivered on time. Thank you!


Sun Mar 15, 2020

I was cautiously optimistic when I put in our order about 30 days before our trip- but everything worked better than I could have hoped. It made mornings at our Disney resort so easy. Kids could eat while we showered and left us with extra time to be at the parks. The money we spent on our breakfast groceries was significantly less than what we would have paid at our resort dining options. Cheers!


Sun Mar 15, 2020

Garden Grocer made vacation easy! We ordered the staples the day before our arrival and when we got to our hotel the next day groceries were waiting for us at the concierge. Such an easy and worthwhile experience - strongly recommend this service!


Thu Mar 12, 2020

Excellent prices! It was very easy to order and convenient!


Wed Mar 11, 2020


Tue Mar 10, 2020

My ordered arrived within the scheduled time frame clearly labeled with my name on all packages, which I liked. I got an email (before I had a chance to check) that my refrigerated items were left in the delivery truck so they were going to deliver the next day which actually worked out perfectly since the resort we were staying at delivered the rest of my groceries to the wrong room and then we spent half the night trying to locate them. I called Garden Grocer to make sure they got delivered to the resort and they had a time and confirmation number that they got delivered. I was happy that someone answered the phone when I called at 8:30pm. Overall very satisfied with Garden Grocer.


Tue Mar 10, 2020

This service was fantastically easy. Ordering was very easy and well organized by department. My order was set for delivery in the noon-4pm window and I had a delivery confirmation by 12:07pm. Bell service at the hotel kept everything cool and delivered it to my fridge if necessary. I will definitely be doing this again when we come back to Disney World.


Mon Mar 9, 2020

Garden Grocer is an essential part of optimaly planning for our Dysney vacations !


Mon Mar 9, 2020

This was my first time using Garden Grocer. Website was easy to use. The customer service team quickly answered my follow up questions. My order arrived at my resort before I even arrived and my order was spot on. I will use them again on my next trip.


Sun Mar 8, 2020

This was our first time ordering. Between the ease of ordering, assortment of items, quick and efficient delivery, we will definitely use Garden Grocer again!


Sun Mar 8, 2020

So happy about this service. Having diapers delivered to our resort saved a lot of space in our suitcases!


Sat Mar 7, 2020

This service was seamless; everything on our order arrived at our resort earlier than we did! The hotel, as had been arranged by Garden Grocer, was stored for us (refrigerated as needed). Produce was fresh and well-selected. We were perfectly set up for our vacation!


Sat Mar 7, 2020

Great place to get those extra items to make your vacation extra special. Great service and hassle free.


Thu Mar 5, 2020

These guys are great, my order showed up at the resort as planned, everything I ordered was included and in perfect condition.
Great job Garden Grocer!!


Wed Mar 4, 2020

Participated in the Disney Princess half . It’s very important to eat before a run and nothing is open that early . Having Garden Grocers provide this amazing service it was one less thing I had to worry about. I was able to eat before my run. Would definitely use this service over and over again.