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Wed Oct 30, 2019

Excellent all around!
It was great to have groceries (including wine) ready and waiting at our Disney Resort when we arrived.
What a time saver it was. Communication from Garden Grocer was perfect....not too much, not too little.
Keep up the good work! I will definitely use you on my next Disney trip! (Vacation Club member)


Tue Oct 8, 2019

First time using Garden Grocer - couldn’t be more happier!!


Mon Oct 7, 2019

Highly recommend pre ordering with Garden Grocer. Everybody I interacted with when I had questions was very prompt and courteous. Selection is great and food was there before I arrived. Saved a ton of money having the snacks and drinks in our room. It made our trip so much more relaxing and enjoyable because we weren't constantly back and forth to the food court. This is a must do for any stay on Disney property, no matter how long or short.


Mon Oct 7, 2019

Everything was wonderful, thank you! Will definitely use again, on our next trip!


Mon Oct 7, 2019

Great service especially for those of us arriving from UK and not hiring a car


Fri Oct 4, 2019

Perfect service. I will definitely utilize your site in the future and highly recommend it. Thank you for making this step in my vacation planning a breeze!


Fri Sep 20, 2019

Garden Grocers was so easy to work with and had a surprising offering of groceries to select from. The prices where reasonable and the service was great!


Thu Sep 19, 2019

I first heard of Garden Grocer from someone working for bell services at a Disney Resort... after experiencing the convenience of having our groceries waiting for us at check in, I will be using this service every visit! I already passed on the information to a family visiting from Canada and they were very happy to hear of you ?


Thu Sep 19, 2019

Garden Grocer was on time and ready for us when we arrived at our Disney Resort. It definitely made the trip easier.


Mon Sep 16, 2019

This service is EXCELLENT! It was so awesome to be able to have groceries delivered to our resort before we even arrived to check in. No worries about having to go to the store, saved a bunch of time and everything came perfectly. I highly recommend!


Tue Sep 10, 2019

Great service! A must have for traveling with little kids. My 1 year old can be pretty picky so I was concerned how she would find something to eat during our Disney stay and fries every meal wasn't a good answer. Well garden grocer delivered her favorites so I can have a back up plan if she didn't like the food at the resort.


Tue Sep 10, 2019

We were having a destination wedding at the Disney Grand Floridian and we had 20 girls that we needed to provide food and drinks for the 4 day event! The groceries we ordered online were delivered to the villa and the bell men brought them straight to the villa while we enjoyed the Parks! Paid for everything online including tip, I would recommend this to anyone! ?


Tue Sep 10, 2019

We absolutely recommend this service to everyone.. fresh groceries waiting for us when we arrive .. fantastic!!!


Mon Sep 9, 2019

Garden Grocer was so easy to use! I placed my initial order and forgot to add something, so I was able to add onto my order. This was so convenient to use and also deterred me from ordering from the quick service. Will definitely be using again!

Elizabeth Lyons

Sun Sep 1, 2019

Great service! I always get water and small breakfast snacks so I don’t have to worry about spending money in the parks. :)


Sun Sep 1, 2019

It was such an easy service to use and it was great to have water and gatorade to bring in the park and not pay park prices.


Thu Aug 29, 2019

I had read about Garden Grocer on several sites and the positive reviews convinced me that this was the way to go! We had a party of 9 staying in 3 rooms, ranging in age from 2 1/2 to 60 and needed everything from diapers to beer! Our flight was not getting in until supper time and I knew it would be evening by the time we got to our Disney resort hotel. How magical to have our groceries ready and waiting for us - no wasting valuable vacation time taking a taxi to head out for supplies. I would gladly recommend (and already have) Garden Grocer to anybody - the website is super easy, but their staff are also incredibly friendly and helpful if you need to call like I did!


Thu Aug 29, 2019

You even called me to make a trade of an item that was not currently in stock. Where I live, I just wouldn’t get it, but you called and asked about s good substitution. Such great’people service’!


Thu Aug 29, 2019

We love Garden Grocer! Been using them for years and have never had any issues


Fri Aug 16, 2019

First time user. Very easy to use the service and all was delivered on time and in perfect order.