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Sat Jan 5, 2019

We love having breakfast food and snacks when we arrive! With our grandkids, they have their “special snacks “ and we can have our glass of wine in the evenings! Service was perfect and produce was very fresh! In the middle of our stay we were able to order a few more things without another delivery charge. Thank you Garden Grocer!


Sat Jan 5, 2019

We arrived on Christmas Day at Disney World. Garden Grocer had delivered our order on the 24th so we had our food waiting for us at hotel. It was awesome. Thanks so much.
Definitely will use again.


Thu Jan 3, 2019

This service was very easy to use, and the food ordered arrived exactly as planned. Disney was backed up in bell services, so they held our food for us so we could go to the park and get it later, which worked great. It was very helpful for us have basic food available so we could eat breakfast and have snacks in our Disney Villas, and have sandwiches in the parks. Thank you!


Thu Jan 3, 2019

My order was easy to make and delivered straight to my Disney hotel. I will definitely use agin when in the Orlando area for vacation!


Thu Jan 3, 2019

The easiest way to get groceries and supplies for Disney. They have a list of all the resorts so you just pick that and go. I am a member of another well known national delivery service and I went with Garden Grocer instead. Best decision ever!


Wed Jan 2, 2019

It was so easy to order and then to add on to the order was perfect. Everything was delivered promptly and the order was complete! Thank you! We will definitely use this service again.

Toshya Gonzalez

Tue Jan 1, 2019

We were very pleased with the ease of ordering and receipt of our food once we got to our resort. Everything I ordered was delivered and the delivery saved us a lot of money. Thank you!


Mon Dec 31, 2018

Excellent service - used twice delivered on time and all products ordered were present and correct. Will definitely use on our next trip to Disney.


Mon Dec 31, 2018

Excellent service!! Easy to use!


Sun Dec 30, 2018

Just perfect, we got to our hotel so tired after all day flights - groceries were in our room, cold things nicely placed in fridge...can I take these folks back home??


Sun Dec 30, 2018

Groceries were there on time in great shspe. I do not usually pay service charges but in this case i did and it was worth it. We added items after the initial order, very easy to do. Delivery was confirmed with a email snd phone call. Would recommend and would use again


Sun Dec 30, 2018

Loved the ease of the web site Great service for people staying at fort wilderness. Would recommend everyone to use.


Sat Dec 29, 2018

Had no idea groceries would be delivered to my room—cold items refrigerated. What a great surprise!


Sat Dec 29, 2018

Great service for those visiting Disney without a car!


Fri Dec 28, 2018

Easy to use web site. Prompt on time delivery. Had one minor issue that was addressed immediately. Thank you!!


Thu Dec 27, 2018

I ordered the diet Mountain Dew by mistake for my daughter. We called to see how we could get the regular delivered. They delivered and picked up the very next day, with no problems and no fee


Thu Dec 27, 2018

Garden Grocer is highly recommended! We've used them twice now and their customer service is excellent. Our groceries were exactly as expected and were waiting for us upon check-in to our resort.


Wed Dec 26, 2018

Garden Grocer delivered good quality produce and accurate delivery timing. I felt very well attended to with a phone call confirming my order & email & text both when groceries delivered. They worked well with bell hop service of Disney resort to store refrigerated groceries. Made out vacation easy.
Thank you!


Wed Dec 26, 2018

Great choices, great customer service, delivered within a days notice. Will definitely use again.


Wed Dec 26, 2018

Everything went very smoothly, we didn't have to worry about anything! Thank you!