GARDEIN Ultimate Beefless Burger 13.5oz product image

GARDEIN Ultimate Beefless Burger 13.5oz

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Gardein Ultimate Beefless Ground is goodness from the ground up. Tasty, tender and versatile, this vegan and gluten-free ground beef is a perfect substitute in tacos, sloppy joes, pasta dishes and more. Heat it up in the skillet or microwave, and enjoy in just 4 minutes! With 14 grams of vegetarian protein per serving, this Gardein beefless ground makes a delicious flexitarian option any day of the week.

Item #: 771
Brand: Gardein
UPC #: 842234000988

Water, Soy Protein Concentrate*, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil*, Organic Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Yeast Extract, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Caramel Color, Natural Flavors (from Plant Sources), Spices.


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