Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips Original.6g Protein. 4g Fiber. Certified Gluten-free. USDA Organic. Net Wt 2.0 oz. (57 g).


Organic Ingredients: Kale, Sunflower Seeds, Tahini (Ground Sesame Seeds), Carrot, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Onion, *Sea Salt, Lemon Juice. *Represents a natural non-organic ingredient.

Product Features

Life's a journey. Bring a snack!What makes us super? Superfoods, for one. Some folks use the term 'superfood' as a buzzword, but to us it means nutrient dense ingredients that are naturally bursting with stuff like vitamins, minerals, protein & fiber. Our food isn't just 'less bad' for you, Rhythm Superfoods are 'all good'. Live Enzyme. Rather than frying our chips, they're air-crisped under low heat, which maintains their natural enzymes and maximizes their raw nutritional potency. Kale yes! Our 100% fresh organic kale is triple washed and dressed to perfection in our special blend of organic seeds, veggies, juices, herbs and spices. Kale is an excellent source of Vitamins A,C, and K. Not to mention, it's rich in antioxidants, phytonutritents, carotenoids, and contains a bundle of vital nutrients to keep you in your groove. Balance & harmony. Created in Austin, Tx, where we believe great music, a positive mind, eating right and staying active can make all the difference in health and happiness. Find your Rhythm and never miss a beat!Did you know? Kale chips dried at low temperatures contain more enzymes than fried or processed foods and have much of the nutrition mother nature gave them. Enzymes assist in the digestion of foods, helping your body absorb more of the vital nutrients. Dressed to thrill. Our homemade dressing are created from the perfect blend of vegetable powders, seeds, juices, herbs and spices. We then massage the dressings into fresh kale and gently air-crisp it for over 12 hours. As the water evaporates, the flavored kale gets crunchy like a potato chip, yet maintains its original enzymes and nutrients. Dried not fried. Good source of fiber. Good source of protein. Vegan. Excellent source of vitamins A+K. Non GMO Project Verified. nongmoproject.org.Certified Organic by: OCIA International. Contact us: 512-441-5667.Email: feedback@rhythmsuperfoods.com.Visit: www.rythmsuperfoods.com. 2016.