Feeling adventurous and looking to try somethingfun and different? Everyones favorite Kahla cocktails are pre-mixed in Ready-to-Drink bottles. Available in a single serving 200ml or a larger 1.75L size, perfect for sharingwith friends, Kahla Ready-to-Drink makes it easy to spoil them.We've all had those evenings when your friend Steve enthusiastically cries out "Let's open a bar!". The day after though, you return to your day job.The story of Kahla begins in 1936 when four men all said "screw that day job" and actually went with it. One of the guys had a great idea, two of them forked out rich and tasteful arabica coffee, the fourth was a chemist who turned the idea into reality. Kahla is crafted from the finest ingredients that grows side by side in rural Veracruz, Mexico. The actual word Kahla has ties to ancient arabic languages and is said to be slang for coffee. Yes, there was already street lingo in the 30's. Kahla is not just a regular coffee liqueur brand; its a brand with a pretty random but exciting history.