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Angel Soft Bath Tissue Double Roll 2-Ply Unscented 4CT product image

Angel Soft Bath Tissue Double Roll 2-Ply Unscented 4CT

  • ($1.87 each)

Angel Soft Unscented Bathroom Tissue Softness & Strength.An ideal Balance Of Softness & Strength.4 double rolls = 8 regular rolls.60% more sheets per roll.Than Charmin Ultra Strong**.

Item #: 9505
Brand: Angel Soft

*Compared to Angel Soft regular rolls.**Angel Soft double roll at 264 sheets per roll compared to Charmin ultra strong double roll at 165 sheets per roll.GP. Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products.All rights reserved.Angel Soft, an ideal balance of Softness & Strength, SoftShield, the Butterfly Emboss, and the Georgia-Pacific Logo are trademarks owned by or licensed to Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP.Septic safe. An ideal balance of Softness & Strength.2-ply with SoftShield layers.Flushable & septic safe.www.angelsoft.com.1-800-283-5547.2012 Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP.


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