Uncle Ben's Brown & Wild Ready Whole Grain Medley Pouch."Perfect Every Time.Brown rice, wild rice & red rice perfectly seasoned with herbs & spice.Microwave in the pouch.Cooks in 90 seconds.


Water; Whole Grain Parboiled Brown Rice; Whole Grain Red Rice; Wild Rice; Canola and/or Sunflower Oil; Hydrolyzed Soy/Corn/Wheat Protein; Lower Sodium Sea Salt (Potassium Chloride; Sea Salt; Magnesium Chloride; Magnesium Sulfate); Yeast Extract; Sugar; Vegetables (Garlic*; Onion*; Parsley*; Celery*; Spinach*); Salt; Autolyzed Yeast Extract; Yeast; Spices; Natural Flavor; Smoke Flavoring.*Dried.Adds a trivial amount of saturated fat.