Birds Eye All Natural Sugar Snap Peas Steamfresh Premium Selects Fresh Frozen Vegetables.No preservatives.Perfectly steams in the bag!


Sugar Snap Peas.

Product Features

Birds Eye Foods.The bag you are holding is special. Simply place it in your microwave and watch it inflate as it perfectly steams your vegetables right in the bag! Your vegetables retain their natural goodness, crisp texture and fresh taste. Steaming with Birds Eye has never been easier. Steam Fast.The perfect microwave cooking system.Please send proof of purchase, along with any correspondence relating to this product, to: Birds Eye Foods, Inc., Consumer Relations, P.O. Box 20382, Rochester, NY 14602-0382.Please call us with comments at 1-800-563-1786 M-F 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. EST.Learn more at www.birdseyesteamfresh.com.