To coffee nerds like us, caffeine and protein is a no-brainer. It's how you start the day. Or an all-nighter. Yeah, there are other options out there. But we take the status quo as a serious challenge.So we experimentedover and overuntil we landed on the perfect blend of protein, milk and espresso to go with our low & slow cold-brew. No chalky aftertaste hereStok Espresso Protein Coffee hits the super-smooth bullseye. Read on.Or better yet, drink up.Better is always out there, waiting to be created.We're On It.Fuel Your Daily Grind.As much protein as two large eggs and a slice of bacon per serving* and an excellent source of calcium.Smooth Taste.We don't do chalky. High-quality, slow-release micellar casein protein from skim milk is optimized for ultra-smoothness.Cold-Brewed Low & Slow.Coffee comes first. We steep our responsibly sourced cold-brew for 10 slow hours, then add a shot of espresso to round it out.


Coffee (Filtered Water, Coffee), Skim Milk, Micellar Casein (Milk Protein), Cane Sugar, Cream, Natural Flavor, Sea Salt, Gellan Gum.