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Ginraw Gastronomic Gin Barcelona Spain 750ml product image

Ginraw Gastronomic Gin Barcelona Spain 750ml

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Our hometown's gastronomy and excellent culinary culture had to define the essence of the exceptional gin. We went the extra mile and added the finest pinches, notes and twists. We distilled the purest ingredients at low-temperature and borrowed the most outstanding techniques from the avant-garde cuisine using Rotaval. With this innovative technique, the botanicals' most delicate essence and freshest aromas are preserved. Defining a sublime character and personality for our gin was crucial. After sedulously trying infinite variations, the chosen result was unanimous. We saw it clear. We merged a hint of fresh Mediterranean notes (lemon, citron, laurel) with exotic botanicals (kaffir lime leaves, black cardamom, coriander seeds) which combined in the right proportions with juniper, resulted in an unparalleled flavour and aroma. Ginraw is our thorough answer to every gourmet's needs. A gastronomical taste that smoothly lingers on the most discerning palates. The nose offers an excellent aromatic intensity. Full-bodied and voluminous on the palate, it is smooth, pleasant and elegant. Conceived to explore all its nuances when drinking it neat or on the rocks, in a G&T, enhancing its freshness, or as the basis for the most creative cocktails.

Item #: 6964
Brand: Ginraw



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