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Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila 750ml product image

Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila 750ml

  • ($0.04 / oz)

The #1 tequila brand in the world, Jose Cuervo Especial Gold is a golden blend of reposado and younger tequilas. Its light gold color and sweet aroma has pleasant agave notes. With a sweet, subtle agave flavor and hints of oak and vanilla, Especial Gold boasts a well-balanced, short, smooth finish. (40% ABV-80 proof) In history and today, Jose Cuervo Especial is the popular choice for crafting any Margarita: frozen or on the rocks. Jose Cuervo knows how to craft tequila. Worlds #1 tequila brand. Blended tequila (reposado & younger). Sweet agave & oak, vanilla flavor. Color: Light gold hue Aroma: Sweet, with pleasant agave notes Flavor: Sweet, subtle agave, hint of oak and vanilla Finish: Well-balanced, short and smooth

Item #: 7424
Brand: Jose Cuervo


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