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Glad Small Garbage Bags 4 Gallon 40CT product image

Glad Small Garbage Bags 4 Gallon 40CT

  • ($0.27 each)

Glad Small Garbage Bags fits small baskets. So many uses: Use for bathroom, living room, den, and bedroom garbage containers: Organize sports equipment and toys: Line your cat litter box: Pack wet or dirty clothes. Strong and Sturdy: Avoid messy trash disasters. Reliable: Transport even the fullest bag with ease. Not recommended for food storage.

Item #: 10259
Brand: Glad

1. Twist close bag. 2. Use provided closure to tie bag. 3. Grab bag by closure and remove from container. 4. Toss the secure bag into the garbage.

WarningsTo avoid danger of suffocation, keep all plastic bags away from babies and children. Do not use plastic bags in cribs, beds, carriages or players.


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