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Clorox Handi-Wipes Reusable Cloths 6CT product image

Clorox Handi-Wipes Reusable Cloths 6CT

  • ($1.00 each)

Rinse Reuse Reusable Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes 2 Super-Absorbent, Multi-Purpose Wipes 3 Can Be Machine Washed Reused 4 An Alternative to Paper Towels, Rags Sponges Get your kitchen, countertops and bathroom surfaces clean to a shine with these reusable, multipurpose absorbent cleaning wipes. Handi Wipes are durable and machine washable so they can be used again and again. You buy fewer and use less of the environment s resources, making Handi Wipes a very economical and environmentally friendly choice.

Item #: 10211
Brand: Handi-Wipes

Handi Wipes are America's #1 reusable, money-saving cleaning cloths.Durable Handi Wipes reusable cloths offer all the convenience and absorbency of single-use paper towels, but they last 20 times longer. Plus, sheet for sheet they re a better value than paper towels. *That means more trees and less waste. It's easy to be green when you use Handi Wipes cloths.*Comparison does not include energy and water consumption.Use Handi Wipes cloths again and again to wipe, clean, scrub, polish or dust.Dishes.Cars.Stoves.Windows.Shoes.Bathrooms.Furniture.Computers.Sporting.Equipment.Silver.Countertops.Refrigerators.Electronics.Outdoor furniture... and more.If you have any questions or comments, visit www.handiwipes.com or call us toll-free in the continental U.S. at 1-800-227-1860.2009.


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